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Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia


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Capital Addis Ababa 2,650,000.


Area 1,106,000 Fertile mountain plateau surrounded by the drought-prone lowlands and deserts of the Red Sea coast, and borders on Eritrea, Somalia, Kenya and Sudan. Landlocked since the secession of Eritrea.

Semitic Origin 45%.

Cushitic 42.2%.

Omotic 11.3%.

Nilo-Sudanic 1.2%.

Literacy 36%.

National working language Amharic; 65% of population are able to speak it.


Praise God for the thrilling growth of the Protestant churches since 1936. Two great waves of violent persecution under the Italians in 1936-41 and the Communists in 1974-1990 refined and purified the church, but there were many martyrs. Vision, sacrificial evangelism and courageous witness have characterized Christians of all denominations. There have been great seasons of harvest with millions coming to Christ, the greatest being since the failure and collapse of Communism. Protestants were fewer than 200,000 – 0.8% of the population – in 1960, but by 2000 this had become nearly 12 million and 19.7% of the population.


1 Ethiopia's political leaders confront crises on many fronts:

a) Hostilities with Eritrea have crippled efforts to revive and modernize the country.

b) Ethnic fragmentation remains a real possibility. The central government is predominantly Tigrayan in composition and other larger ethnic groups – Amhara, Oromo, Somali and Afar – are restive.

c) Pray for wisdom, humility, courage and a seeking after God among those in leadership and for peace and the right climate to bring about change for the better. Repression, famines, wars and deep poverty have traumatized many.


2 The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is going through immense change. Centuries of isolation from the rest of the Christian world as a Christian island in a sea of Islam helped form its unique culture, theology and traditions.

a) It has had to adjust to the loss of political privilege under Communism, which has only been partially restored since 1990. Syncretism and the occult are widespread among the millions of nominal Orthodox.

b) The rapid spread of the use of Scriptures and growth of Protestant denominations has led to both millions of defections and the emergence of strong evangelical and charismatic networks in the Orthodox Church.

Pray for a deep work of the Holy Spirit to bring this ancient Church to its biblical heritage and to new life.


3 Massive growth in Protestant and Independent churches has created a great expectation for further harvest. Pray for:

a) Continued revival and growth not to be quenched by carnality, division and power-seeking in leadership. A characteristic of the recent move of the Spirit has been widespread mobilization of ordinary believers and multiplication of cell churches.

b) Effective means for generating income to support men and women in the service of the Lord, develop the structures and facilities needed and fund social programmes essential in the prevailing deep poverty.

c) Preservation of the cooperation and unity among leaders which was forged in suffering. Vigilance is needed to heal past broken relationships and prevent future fleshly discord. Pray especially for the Evangelical Churches Fellowship (ECFE) which represents the majority of Christians in the country.

d) The continued growth of missions vision. A big commitment to missions by various evangelical denominations was cut back in 1976 due to persecution. Out of this suffering emerged a national vision and a united strategy for evangelizing Ethiopia. The 20 year integrated strategy included prayer and people-mobilization, survey training and sending out missionary evangelists to every province and people with few Christians and then to other lands. By 2000 much had been achieved. Pray for the successful accomplishment of the complete vision by 2015. KHC is spearheading outreach to India and Pakistan.


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