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Republic of Haiti

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Capital Port-au-Prince 1,700,000.
Area 27,400 Western third of the island of Hispaniola; shared with the Dominican Republic.
One of the most densely populated countries in the Americas. Many Haitians have fled or emigrated to the USA.
Afro-Caribbean 90%.
Mulatto (Eurafrican) 9.9%.
Euro-American 0.1%.
Literacy 48%. Functional literacy may be as low as 20%.
Official language French (10% speak it).
Common language Haitian Creole.
Praise God that there has been an increasing Christian stand against Voodooism in Haiti. Although an estimated 75% of Catholics are also actively involved in Voodoo, there has been a turning point in the ending of this curse, stimulated by a widely supported prayer and fasting movement to bind the powerful spirits of Voodoo in Jesus' name.
Pray that Haiti would be blessed with godly leaders who will address the nation's massive problems. As the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti's population growth, crime, poverty and chaos have gone unchecked. Pray that these tragic trends would be reversed and that there might be change through the power of the Gospel.
Give thanks that there has been growth in the Christian Church despite difficult economic and spiritual conditions. However, many leaders have had little training, being barely literate themselves. Pray for the Bible schools and seminaries and educational programs in place to meet the need.
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