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Capital Kingston 882,000.


Area 10,991 The third largest island in the Caribbean.


Jamaicans have emigrated in large numbers to North America (750,000, including the US Secretary of State) and UK (ca. 500,000).


Afro-Caribbean 93.7%.

Asian/Afro-Asian 5%.

Euro-American 1.3%.

Literacy 85%.

Official language English; 99% of the population speak Jamaican Creole.


1 The country has sunk into a morass of social and economic problems that appear insoluble. It has one of the world's highest homicide rates in the world. Violence in society is made worse by the powerful drug cartels and their distribution networks in both Jamaica and North America. Over 37% of cocaine-carrying 'mules' arrested entering the USA arrive from Jamaica. Half the male population are drug-abusers. Pray that government and church leaders may have the courage, moral integrity and determination to turn the country back from sin and to God.

2 Christianity is numerically strong but spiritually weak. A third of the population goes to church, but the violence, moral collapse in society and the internal divisions and compromise with sin among Christians, cripples initiative and hinders witness.

3 The spiritual temperature of Jamaica affects that of the whole Caribbean. Pray that the Jamaica Association of Christians may be a model of unity and cooperation to weak and struggling associations in other countries. Pray also that the 15 Bible schools and seminaries in Jamaica, which serve the whole Caribbean, may be powerhouses of spiritual life and missions vision.

4 Young people. OAC has reached over one million – mainly in evangelistic outreach to school assemblies. CEF wants to multiply children's clubs. IFES and SU have a combined ministry in producing Bible reading materials and in witness in two universities, 20 colleges and 160 high school groups. Pray that these ministries may result in fellowships that are biblical, evangelistic and courageous. In many schools, 10% of the students belong to these groups. Pray that the nine staff workers and the many Christian teachers may see a radical moral and spiritual uplift among children so that the next generation fares better.

5 The less evangelized who need prayer:

a) The very poor have little exposure to the gospel, most churches serving the better-off. The 'barrel' children are the impoverished and often bitter, delinquent under-class whose parents have emigrated and occasionally send sustenance to them. A few Catholic and Christian aid agencies seek to help the poor.

b) The Rastafarians began as a protest movement that espoused spiritism, Black Power and Black consciousness ideas and worshipped the Ethiopian Emperor (Ras Tafari). They are well known for their left-wing politics, dreadlocks, reggae music and use of ganja (marijuana). They have considerable influence in Jamaica and have spread to Europe and North America. They need the Saviour.


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