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Bere Navarro   Marshall and Jan Heinold
Bill and Joan Schick Jenna Mueller Matt and Ruth Gerber
Bob and Joy Huber Joel and Kristi Leman Michael and Susan Zobrist
Carissa Schlipf Joel Rinkenberger Nicole Knobloch
Daniel and Tamra Coughlin Jonathan Aupperle Regg Beer
Duane and Ann Wulf Kali Zobrist Seth Gerber
Erin Knobloch Keith and Emily Schambach Stephanie Bahr
Jarrin Rabe Kim Kaiser Todd Stoller



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Capital Mexico City 22.5 mill.


Area 1,958,201 Latin America's fourth largest country. Wide range of topography and rainfall ranging from arid northern plateau, central volcanic plateau and the southern mountains and rain forests. Only 10% of the country is arable.


 Figures below are approximate, but are an attempt to show the present cultural situation.


Mestizo (Spanish/Amerindian) 61.1%.

Amerindian 28%.

Spanish-speaking 20.5%, but still culturally Amerindian.

Amerindian-speaking 7.5%.

Euro-American 9%.

Afro-American 0.5%.

Other 1.4%.

Literacy 89%. Functional literacy is much lower.

Official language Spanish, the world's largest Spanish-speaking nation.


Praise God that there has been steady growth in the Mexican Christian Church.  However, most Mexicans remain culturally Catholic while still bound with sin, narrow traditionalism, and worship ancient gods.  Pray that Mexico might be a nation set free by the power of God, and that the grip of the entire culture would be broken in Jesus' name.


Mexico City is a major challenge for prayer.  Over seven million people live in squalid housing and desperate economic conditions.  Few Christian workers are prepared for the challenge of ministry to these needy people.  Pray that believers would be committed to work amongst the poor and that long-term solutions to dispel poverty would be set in place.


The persecution of Christians is on the rise in Mexico.  Pray that Christians would no longer be portrayed as anti-Mexican destroyers of culture, but that the Church would visibly bring about beneficial changes in all levels of society.  Pray also for the strongly resistant upper classes, that a spirit of repentance and humility might allow centuries-old corruption to be replaced with freedom and justice.


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